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      What you need to know about VIKANE

Whole-structure fumigation with VIKANE gas fumigant is the only dry wood termite treatment that
effectively penetrates every inch of a home where termites hide .This means all the termites are
eliminated when the fumigation is complete, leaving you with peace of mind knowing the home is  safe
and sound.

Get effective control. Whole-structure fumigation with VIKANE eliminates all existing infestations
throughout the structure with one application. A highly trained fumigator will conduct your fumigation
according to the highest standards demanded by
DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC and state authorities.

Get proven results. The effectiveness of VIKANE is confirmed by more than 40 years of university
research, practical use and published reports. Whole-structures fumigation with
VIKANE gas fumigant
is a treatment you can trust.

Protect your biggest investment from termites. Dry wood termites can threaten your home - your
largest investment. That's why total-home protection with
VIKANE gas fumigant is the best choice.


When conducting whole-structure fumigation with VIKANE gas fumigant, your fumigation professional
will follow a proven process that has used successfully for nearly half a century to ensure all the dry
wood termite are eliminated.

Here's how the fumigation process works.

  • The fumigation process starts with preparing your home for fumigation.
  • Once you've prepared your home and left, the fumigation crew will cover your home with tarps
    or plastic sheeting- this is called "tenting" the home.
  • Next, all doors are secured using dead bolts, additional locking devices or barricades to help
    prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Now , fumigation begins -VIKANE gas fumigant is released into the home , filling all air spaces
    and voids in the wood , walls and floor.
  • Finally, the tarps are removed and your home is  .Your fumigation professional will check the
    home with sophisticated equipment to ensure all of the VIKANE has dissipated from the
    structure before authorizing reentry.
  • Please watch the video for demonstration on VIKANE
VIKANE is a trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC
                                   What is VIKANE gas fumigant?

VIKANE is a colourless, odorless gas that quickly penetrates structural materials during
whole-structure fumigation.
VIKANE, backed by nearly 50 years of research, practical use and
published reports is nonstaining, noncorrosive and nonflammable .
VIKANE quickly dissipates
from the structure into the atmosphere and does not damage the ozone layer.